At 105 Edythe has certainly seen a lot in her life, and not only is she Facebook's oldest user, but she's likely the most mature Honda driver on the road. After watching this clip about her life we're impressed and proud to have her driving under our logo.

We love how much Edythe love's her Honda Civic! Whether you are young or have seen a lot in your lifetime, you'll appreciate the available rearview camera, which, as Edythe pointed out, makes backing up in parking lots or onto busy streets easier.

Edythe is a very intelligent woman, so we would guess that she loves listening to Podcasts or public radio stations, which means the multiple plug outlets, speaker system, and Pandora station are right up her alley.

Given her long driving history, we'll boldly say that if Edythe feels great driving in a Honda Civic then it is definitely a car you should have on your test drive list.

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